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COREL Painter Essentials v4.0 - художественная обработка цифровых изображений!
06.02.2009, 01:06

Несложная программа для художественной обработки цифровых изображений и рисования, ориентированная на домашних пользователей. Corel Painter Essentials может работать в двух режимах: рисование и работа с фотографиями. В программе имеется удобный выбор кистей с возможностью создания списка часто используемых кистей, палитра для удобного смешивания и выбора цветов, специальные инструменты для создания картин из фотографий. Имеющаяся в Corel Painter Essentials система рисования RealBristle повышает степень реагирования кисти на движения художника и представляет собой основу для цифровой живописи. В программе также имеется множество инструментов, имитирующих различные кисти, большая коллекция текстур бумаги.Corel Painter Essentials 4.0 Build 051 предоставляет в распоряжение начинающего художника все необходимое для рисования и обработки цифровых а профессионалы гарантированно придут в восторг от представленного многообразия кистей, карандашей, текстур бумаги и др. Пользователю предлагается два отдельных рабочих пространства: Drawing & Painting и Photo Painting, первое из которых предназначено для рисования, а второе для редактирования фотоснимков. Инструмент Brush Drawer позволит быстро найти нужную кисть, а палитры Color и Mixer упростят подборку цветов. Система рисования RealBristle повышает степень реагирования кисти на движения художника и представляет собой основу для цифровой живописи. 

Среди новых возможностей Corel Painter Essentials v4.0 можно отметить: 
- Переработанный интерфейс с двумя режимами работы: Рисование и Работа с фотографиями; 
- Более удобный выбор кистей с возможностью создания списка часто используемых кистей; 
- Палитра для удобного смешивания и выбора цветов; 
- Улучшенные инструменты для превращения фотографий в картины; 
- Новая технология Smart Stroke, при использовании которой мазки кисти повторяют контуры объектов на фотографии; 
- Система рисования RealBristle, которая повышает степень реагирования кисти на движения художника и представляет собой основу для цифровой живописи; 
- Новые инструменты, имитирующие перья; 
- Большая коллекция текстур бумаги; 
- Улучшенная поддержка планшетов Wacom; 
- Возможность отмены до 32 шагов. 

OC: Windows XP & Vista 
Интерфейс: English 

Corel Corp., today unveiled Corel Painter Essentials v4.0, the latest release from the company s digital media portfolio. Based on Corel Painter, the world s most powerful painting and illustration software, Corel Painter Essentials v4.0 includes everything new users need to set up their own home art studio. Featuring a wide selection of paint brushes, pencils, paper textures and built-in tutorials, Corel Painter Essentials v4.0 is the perfect program to help users get started with digital art and create stunning paintings - either from existing photos or from scratch. 

Working closely with its customers, Corel redesigned the Painter Essentials user interface to make it even easier for users to discover the tools they need to create stunning artwork. Available on the Windows and Mac platforms, Painter Essentials 4 is ideally suited to digital camera users, scrapbookers, arts and craft enthusiasts, art teachers and students of any age. With art tools that faithfully replicate their traditional counterparts, it is easier than ever before for users to achieve more expressive hand painted works of art. 

New Features Make it Easier than Ever for Users to Get Started with Digital Art: With a simplified user interface, streamlined workflow and even more creative options, Corel Painter Essentials v4 provides the tools and guidance to help users create unique digital art keepsakes that are perfect for framing, using in craft projects, and sharing as special gifts with family and friends. 

New features in Corel Painter Essentials v4.0 include: 
New! Redesigned Workspace - To make it easier for users to get started with digital art, Corel Painter Essentials v4 features two distinct workspaces: Drawing & Painting and Photo Painting. Each workspace is easily accessible from tabs within the application, and each presents customers with the tools specifically needed for the task they selected. Both workspaces offer a reconfigured toolbox, making it easier to identify and select brushes, media, and paper. 
New! Brush Drawer - The new Brush Drawer makes brush identification and selection easier than ever before. Users can browse all brushes by category, quickly recall recently used brushes, and easily add their favorite brushes to the Brush Drawer column. 
New! Color and Mixer Palettes - With the new Color Palette, users can choose a color with just one click. By simulating the traditional experience of mixing colors on an artist s paint palette, the Mixer palette makes it easier for users to get the precise color they want. 

New and Enhanced Tools: 
Photo Painting System - The Photo Painting System has been redesigned and enhanced, making it easier for users to turn photos into paintings within seconds. Now organized in a separate workspace, all of the brushes within the Photo Painting System now act as cloners that take their color from the source image. As a result, users can now create a painting from a photo in as little as 3 easy steps. 
Smart Stroke Technology - The new Smart Stroke Technology paints with brush strokes that follow the forms of the original photo, dynamically changing brush size, stroke length, and pressure, based on the detail and focal areas of the photo. As a result, users can quickly achieve impressive paintings or sketches with no prior training or experience required. 

New! RealBristle Painting System - Introduced in Corel Painter X, the new RealBristle Painting System heightens brush responsiveness and represents a major milestone for digital painting. Corel Painter Essentials 4 includes RealBristle brushes in two different brush categories. By authentically repro-ducing the sensation of the interaction between paint, canvas, and brush, RealBristle brushes take realism to a whole new level. 
New! Pens - Corel Painter Essentials 4 introduces pens in the Pencils & Pens brush category. With new options such as the Scratchboard Tool and Smooth Edge Calligraphy, it s easy for users to ink their own comic books or do calligraphy. 
New! Paper Textures - Corel Painter Essentials 4 features an expanded selection of paper textures that faithfully reproduce the feeling of using traditional art materials. Users can control the texture of the canvas to achieve the results expected from using traditional media on a given surface - for example pencil on watercolor paper, felt pens on cotton paper, or chalk on a sidewalk. 

Delivering an Enhanced User Experience: 
New! Additional Undo Levels - With 32 undo levels, Corel Painter Essentials 4 provides users with maximum flexibility and freedom to experiment with techniques and effects- always confident that they can return to a previous step or design. 

New! Online Print Services - Once users have created their masterpiece, they can order prints of their artwork on canvas, watercolor paper or other fine art materials - directly from within Painter Essentials 4. 
Enhanced! Support for Wacom Products - Corel Painter Essentials 4 fully supports the entire Wacom product line, including the Bamboo™ Fun pen tablets, the Intuos pen tablet, the Wacom 6D Art Pen, and the Cintiq 21 UX interactive pen display. 

DownLoad COREL Painter Essentials v4.0 Build 051. + KEYGEN. 65,7Mb.


рапида- http://rapidshare.com/files/123325608/COREL_Painter_Essentials_v4.0.rar

вип файл - http://vip-file.com/download/9fa25f163315/COREL-Painter-Essentials-v4.0.rar.html

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